7 Track Strategy

My work and passion for more than 35 years has been in the fields of government reform and conflict resolution. I chose to run for President for two reasons: (1) I know more about how federal government agencies operate than any other candidate running individually or as the nominee of any party; and (2) I know more about peacebuilding and multi-track diplomacy than any other Presidential candidate. I know how to look under the hood of federal agencies where I can see what works and I know how to bring best practices to all agencies. When I see what does not work (there’s a lot of that), I know what changes to make. I know how to design Citizen Summits and Conversations with America so We the People not Big Money drive the priorities of federal agencies. I have worked in justice reform and understand the challenges and possibilities of community peacebuilding. I have worked with diplomats and government experts who together shaped a framework for multi-track diplomacy.

Vision: I have a vision for America based on an honest assessment of where we are as a nation and where our future can be:

  • My vision is an America that works for everyone with no one left out.
  • My vision is a government that restores trust and builds peace here at home and around the world.
  • My vision is a government with a foreign policy and domestic programs based on this reality: We the People are wiser than warfare and We the People are wiser than community violence.
  • My vision is an America with a trusted and respected government that delivers outstanding services to all of us; and our government Of the People is a trusted and respected partner throughout the world.

Goals: With a vision like that, my goals for America are just as bold: 25 million new jobs over the next 10 years; quality health care at a reasonable cost; free tuition at all our public colleges; free early childhood education; community-based policing; a justice system that is truly just; a tax system that is truly fair; an immigration system that is compassionate; and an energy grid that is independent of foreign governments and does not poison our air, water, soil and food. I will lead a government where all our agencies honor our commitments to our veterans, our children, our seniors, our Native American brothers and sisters, and our truly disabled citizens. I will lead a government with a vision and a realistic transition plan to an economy based on 100% clean, renewable energy. I will lead a government that simplifies regulations while demanding accountability for programs that promote the health and well-being of our nation. I will lead a nation that knows how to balance the skills of the strongest military on the planet with the wisdom of diplomacy and peacebuilding.

A Real Plan: I am more than a grand vision and bold goals. I have a 7-track strategy perfectly designed to accomplish those goals! When we add up all that must be done to rescue our democracy, to meet bold goals that better serve America, we are talking about more than "fixing government." We are talking about Transforming America by Transforming Government!

Track 1: CUT ONE TRILLION DOLLARS OF WASTE out of Federal Agencies and re-direct those dollars to first of all jumpstart new jobs and close the education funding gap.

Track 2: MULTIPLY SOLUTIONS My White House will not let politicians get in the way of the solutions.

Track 3: RE-BOOT ALL OUR AGENCIES On Day 1, I will re-boot the purpose and priorities of the U. S. Departments of Justice, Veterans Affairs and Education – 3 federal departments that have failed our nation for decades.

Track 4: BUILD PARTNERSHIPS My White House will build partnerships to deliver results.

Track 5: COMMUNICATE HONESTLY My White House will rebuild trust in government with gut wrenching honesty.

Track 6: MEASURE THE TRUTH Poverty in America is not 15% -- it is 34%. Unemployment is not 5% - it is 10% and it is 31% for African American youth and 80% for 15 Native American tribes. My White House will use data based on reality not wishful thinking.

Track 7. BUILD PEACE   Turn anger and hatred into solutions: Track 7 has 2 branches - (1) building peace here at home by transforming justice and law enforcement; and (2) building peace around the world with foreign policies that balance the brilliance of our military with the wisdom of diplomacy and peacebuilding. 

I have written 2 books about government reform and one about the psychology of peacemaking. My platform flows perfectly from who I am and what I know to be true. I am 3 parts visionary and 4 parts government mechanic. I do not need on-the-job training; I am ready to start on Day 1!

That is what I stand for and what I will do as President -- and I need your help to launch a Voter's Revolution to reclaim our government For the People.