I am Dr. Lynn Sandra Kahn – independent candidate for President of the United States. I have a very clear platform – Fix Government, Build Peace – fix our broken government and build peace here at home and around the world. When we add up all the "fixes" we must make to federal agencies, I am talking about Transforming America by Transforming Government! My vision is an America that works for everyone with no one left out. And I have a 7-track plan to do just that!

I am not a politician. My Ph.D. is in clinical psychology (from The American University in Washington D.C. in 1977). I worked as an organizational psychologist inside federal agencies for 32 years, including 6½ years on the White House Partnership to Reinvent Government. My early professional focus was group dynamics and team building. Later my focus became organizational dynamics and strategic planning for complex goals that include agency and non-government partners – goals such as customer service at the Internal Revenue Service, 21st century jobs, airspace modernization, juvenile justice reform, probation reform and reducing homelessness.

I have written 3 books, the last two are about government reform: Performance Networks: Transforming Governance for the 21st Century (2009); and Results at the Edge: The Ten Rules of Government Reform (2003). My first book was Peacemaking: A Systems Approach to Conflict Management (1988). I have also written numerous articles about transforming government, including “21st Century Governance: 10 Strategies for Success” (June 2013).

I chose to run for President for two reasons: (1) I know more about how federal government agencies operate than any other candidate running individually or as the nominee of any party; and (2) I know more about peacebuilding and multi-track diplomacy than any other Presidential candidate. I know how to look under the hood of federal agencies where I can see what works and I know how to demand all federal agencies use best practices. When I see what does not work (there’s a lot of that), I know what changes to make so We the People not Big Money drive the purpose and priorities of government agencies. I have worked in justice reform and understand the challenges and possibilities of community peacebuilding. I have worked with diplomats and government experts who together shaped a framework for multi-track diplomacy.

My platform flows perfectly from who I am and what I know to be true. I see myself as 3 parts visionary and 4 parts government mechanic. I have a clear vision for America, bold goals and most importantly a 7-track strategy that I will use to lead our nation in the direction that We the People want and deserve. I invite you to join with me and launch a Voter's Revolution that will rescue our democracy!

Campaign Information:

Dr. Lynn Kahn - Independent Presidential Candidate

Campaign Website: http://www.vote4lynn2016.com.

Campaign on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/LynnSKahnforPresident2016

Campaign on Twitter: @lynnskahn

Campaign on LinkedIn: LynnSKahn

Campaign Treasurer: Joe Gormley

Communication Director: Miranda Jilke: media@vote4lynn2016o.com

Communication Consultants: Allison Pharis, Jana Goldman

National Ballot Access Coordinator: Linda Fayette

Signature Petition Coordinator: Peter White

Social Media Consultant: Zachary Kahn

Video Production Coordination: Doug Reingold

Webmaster: Brad Hover

Current Policy Advisers (Kitchen Cabinet) on these topics: Campaign Strategy, Foreign Affairs, Intelligence, Defense, Tax Policy, Government Acquisition and Budgeting, Role of Inspectors General, Business and Industry, Labor, Justice, Veterans, Housing, Healthcare, Medicare and Medicaid, Environment, Transition to Sustainable Energy, Small Business, Science and Social Media