Track 5.  Communicate
Communication with all of its tools, from personal to digital, citizen summits and plain language rules

The Problem: The American people and the federal government are not having the kinds of conversations that matter. I don't mean screaming at each other or watching people on television or mobile devices screaming at each other. I mean real dialog, listening to each other and agreeing on actions to solve shared problems.

The Bigger Mess: The American people barely understand what agencies actually do, how they make decisions and how they spend taxpayer monies. The chasm between government and the governed is dangerously wide.

The Big Idea:
Track 5 calls for Citizen Summits with small-group discussions and new technologies that roll up small-group decisions so we have a clearer sense of shared solutions offered by the American public. Communication is how we rebuild trust.

The Solution:  Launch Conversations with America so we can have national discussions about the big issues - how we spend taxpayer money, how we move people out of poverty, how we rebuild the relationship between law enforcement and local communities, how we can rethink education, how we shape an energy policy that truly supports all alternatives, and how we define America's role around the world. And let's demand that all government policies, guidelines, regulations and legislation be written in plain language so we can all understand what our government does and why.