Track 1.  Cut One Trillion Dollars Government Waste
Get the waste out of bureaucracies and give the savings back to you and your community
The Problem: I believe the cost of “bad bureaucracy” is fully 30% of the cost of government, a little more than $1 trillion.

The Bigger Mess: Sometimes government waste is obvious - such as 47 different job-training programs across 9 different agencies and none of them really work very well. Sometimes the waste is behind the scenes - such as a 14-month delay adding a graphic artist to a small team converting expensive classroom training to online learning. Sometimes the waste is actually being investigated - the Commission on Wartime Contracting is looking at the estimated $60 billion wasted on bad contracts in Iraq and Afghanistan. Sometimes the waste flies under the radar - such as the botched $1.1 billion electronic health records system. Sometimes the waste can be prevented - such as some of the $190 billion we spend on medical costs related to obesity.

And always there is lost time and lost efficiencies and mounting frustration as everything is written in dense and confusing government-speak.

The Big Idea: Create a government that works better, costs less and delivers better services to all of us.

The Solution: 

  1. Create a White House Office that charters teams in every federal department and agency to cut red tape, simplify procedures, reduce inefficiencies and translate mountains of bureaucratic jargon into plain language.
  2. Charter cross-government teams to eliminate duplication of programs and identify ways to improve employee training, management selections, technology acquisition, agency budgeting and government spending.
  3. Develop a formula so that cost savings are used to reduce taxes and strengthen communities and working families.