Independent Presidential Candidate Dr. Lynn S. Kahn Wins Integrity Challenge

Dec 01, 2015

Independent Presidential Candidate Dr. Lynn S. Kahn Wins Integrity Challenge

RENO, NEVADA (Nov. 30, 2015) – The 2025 Transformational Leadership Group for the United States of America, a Reno, Nevada-based group of business leaders, issued an Integrity Challenge to the 2016 Presidential candidates, awarding Independent Presidential Candidate Dr. Lynn S. Kahn the winner.


"Dr. Kahn is committed to the core principles of our Integrity Challenge and to restoring trust in our government here at home and around the world," said the group’s leader, Robert Shereck, CEO of Legacy Transformational Consulting LLC. "We have met with her, examined the policies she is proposing and are impressed with her commitment to integrity in the operations of her campaign and in how she would lead this country. As international business consultants, we believe her wisdom and practical experience are exactly what our nation needs to create a United States government that will deliver the results Americans want."

In her response to the challenge, Dr. Kahn outlined her approach to restoring trust by delivering measurable results. "My platform is Transform America by Transforming Government. I will do this by re-booting the purpose and priorities of all our federal agencies and working to build peace here at home and around the world. I understand the mechanics of our agencies better than any other candidate and that’s why my 7 track plan starts with cutting one trillion dollars of waste out of our federal agencies and re-directing those dollars and staff towards national priorities.”

Dr. Kahn made two commitments that would measure the progress of her plans:

  • By 2020, American citizens will measurably improve their trust in our government
  • By 2025, America will be ranked one of the most trusted countries in the world as demonstrated by our leaders and their integrity

About Dr. Lynn S. Kahn:

Dr. Kahn announced her candidacy for President on March 29, 2015.  Her Ph.D. is in Clinical Psychology and she worked inside the federal government as an organizational psychologist for more than 32 years including 22 years at the Federal Aviation Administration and 6 years on the White House Partnership for Reinventing Government. She is the author of two books on government reform and one book on the psychology of peacemaking. For more information visit or follow Twitter and Facebook.

About The 2025 Transformational Leadership Group for the United States of America:

The Reno-based endorsers are a group of concerned American citizens from a group of international consulting firms. They see that America needs a real leader, one that has the integrity, the educational and government background and a plan for transforming the USA. The New Era for America they envision allows each and every American to be moved, touched and inspired by the leaders in the White House and Administration, authentically serving current and future generations.

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