Go 2 Electoral College in Your State

Jul 12, 2016

Our strategy team has a plan to get on the November ballot and win in enough states to reach 274 electoral votes - enough to win the White House! Many of you have said you want to Get Involved and right now this is how to help me the most: I need people I trust to serve as a Presidential Elector and attend the one-day Electoral College in your state and represent me.

I would be honored if you would agree to be named as one of my Presidential Electors. You would go to the one-day Electoral College convened by your Governor in your state capital on December 19 and represent me; by law the state covers all travel expenses.

You may remember from high school history that the Constitution of the United States says Electors determine who will be the next President and Vice President. Each Governor convenes their Electoral College in their state capital December 19 – the first Monday after the second Wednesday in December - giving our founding fathers time to ride horse and buggy to capital cities! Your name goes into the State and National Archives as a Presidential Elector for 2016. My electors vote for me at the Electoral College. This can be straightforward or very controversial -- I'm guessing this will be a contentious and historic event -- and every state is different!

An extra challenge for independent Presidential candidates is that many states require me to name my Presidential Electors before I can begin to collect signatures. Most of the rest require me to turn in this list when I submit signatures to get on the ballot. That is why I need your help NOW to serve as a Presidential Elector – especially in New York, New Jersey, Virginia, Rhode Island, Connecticut, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Florida, Arkansas, Alabama, Utah, Minnesota, Nebraska, Iowa, South Dakota, Colorado, Washington, Oregon and California.

Please let me know if you are willing to help my Presidential campaign and serve as a Presidential Elector (going to the one-day Electoral College in your state capital). You will be serving our nation at a time of need and strengthening the role of independent politics in America! Send a short statement of interest to: lynnskahn@vote4lynn2016.com THANKS

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