List of Articles, Interviews and Videos

Jun 01, 2016

I want to thank our early supporters for your many kindnesses and thank our many new supporters especially those who have found my campaign and platform on social media. Here are some recent articles, blogs, interviews and videos with links to our new YouTube Channel and to my books on government reform and peacemaking. Thank you so much for your support.




Transform Government: 5 Plans and the Secret Sauce

Transform Government


Foreign Policy and Peacebuilding: New Doctrine

New Doctrine for War and Peacebuilding


My 2015 14,128-Mile Presidential Listening Tour

Presidential Listening Tour


Articles on Veterans’ Issues

Transform the Department of Veterans Affairs

Veteran Suicide and Moral Injury

Vets in Prison


Coalition of Independent Presidential Candidates

Coalition of Independent Presidential Candidates


Building Peace

Building Peace is Deeply Connected to Transforming Government

Building Peace in Times of Terror

Science of Peacemaking (July 2015)


Justice Reform (detailed)

Justice Reform





Performance Networks: Transforming Governance in the 21st Century

Results at the Edge: The Ten Rules of Government Reform

Peacemaking: A Systems Approach to Conflict Management

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