Media Advisory - Kahn Endorses Independents in 23 States

Oct 24, 2016

Independent Presidential Candidate Dr. Lynn Kahn Announces Presidential and Political Endorsements

“We must not split independent candidates and independent parties across America on November 8th. I hereby make the following endorsements and ask my supporters and followers to vote accordingly. I am heavily endorsing the Veterans Party of America; I am endorsing individual candidates I have personally met and learned to respect especially when we met any of the ten independent Presidential debates held so far in 2016.”

Who:              Dr. Lynn S. Kahn announces Presidential and other political endorsements

When:            6:30 PM EDT Sunday, October 23


Details:  For candidates on the ballot in these 9 states:

  • I obviously support my active campaigns where I am on the ballot: Arkansas and Iowa
  • I endorse Veterans Party of America nominees Chris Keniston and Deacon Taylor on the ballot in Colorado and Louisiana
  • I endorse Richard Duncan on the ballot in Ohio
  • I endorse Gloria La Riva on the ballot in California and New Mexico
  • I endorse Gary Johnson and the Libertarian Party in Maine and New Hampshire
  • I endorse Jill Stein and the Green Party in Oregon and Vermont

For Presidential Write-In campaigns in 14 states:

  • My write-in campaigns are focused on New York and Alabama
  • I endorse the write-in campaigns of Veterans Party of America nominees Chris Keniston and Deacon Taylor in: Alaska, Washington State, Idaho, Wyoming, Nebraska, Rhode Island, New Jersey, Maryland, Virginia and Kentucky
  • I endorse the write-in campaigns of John Fitzgerald Johnson in North Carolina and South Carolina

 Other Candidates:

  • I endorse all other local and state candidates of the Veteran’s Party of America throughout the United States

WHY? Please DO NOT split the Independent message - focus small parties on specific states so INDEPENDENTS have a say at the Electoral Colleges - we know and respect each other and we can work it out together!

For more about me - check out this recent interview:

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