Register Independent, Vote Independent, Run Independent

Mar 31, 2015

Early in the morning in late May 2014, I woke up and said to myself – as clear as a bell – I want to be President of the United States of America. Yes, I shocked myself. I’m a citizen not a politician, a regular person not a millionaire. So next I said to myself, “Well, Lynn, you better think on this and not talk about it for how about the next 100 days.”

I knew then and believe more strongly now that I have the skill set to encourage, design and even demand the changes we need in America. I have been an organizational consultant for more than 30 years mostly inside the federal government. During this time, I spent 6½ years on the Clinton-Gore effort to reinvent government – considered by many to be the most effective government reform effort in American history. I have written three books – two about government reform and one about the dynamics of peacemaking. My specialty has become strategic planning for complex change that involves many different agencies along with many non-government partners. For the last ten years, my work involved justice reform efforts for city agencies in Washington D.C. and New York City. 

And as of that morning in May, I had spent the prior 16 months shifting from writing about government reform and working as a executive consultant to being the person on stage and in front of the curtain. My theme: Fix Government and Build Peace.

I knew then and believe more strongly now that to accomplish what I want to do, I have to run as an independent candidate. The two-party Democrat versus Republican system is beyond broken. Trash talking is out of control. With a few notable and honorable exceptions, I see mostly vicious and vindictive behavior.

More than that, I have great fears about the legacy Democrats versus Republicans are leaving our children and grandchildren. I see a military-industrial complex that has captured the votes of too many politicians who now stand up and applaud the drumbeat of war called out by a foreign leader in our halls of Congress. I see a broken political system and Big Money corrupting the decision-making of our agencies and benefiting from the powerlessness of those agencies. So our government For the People fails to preserve our liberties, respect our diversity, educate our children, protect our environment, care for our veterans, reduce and prevent violence, lift up the poor, improve worker safety, provide heath care for all, prevent Wall Street from trampling Main Street or build the partnerships we need to deliver renewable energy goals and 9 million infrastructure jobs.

So instead of thinking I am the least-likely politician, I now believe I am the most likely citizen to stand up and say, “Stop this train. It’s going over the cliff. I have a 7-point plan to fix government and build peace and I have decided to run as an independent candidate for President of the United States.”

I know many more people who care about this country and have the skill set to run for office and lead teams that can make significant change. They do not run because they do not think of themselves as politicians. And so I say to them, run my friends run -- for political office, for commissions and boards, as citizen representatives on official decision-making committees – and at all levels -- village, town, city, county, state, regional and tribal.

And wherever you can -- register as an independent, vote independent, and run for office as an independent. Join the emerging political movement of independent voters and offer another choice besides Big Money Democrat versus Big Money Republican.

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