The Voters Revolution

Apr 20, 2015

As an independent candidate for President of the United States, I see a Voters Revolution simmering beneath the surface all across our nation. I see millions of activists divided up among 100,000 issues. So I call now for a Voters Revolution to surge forward and bring together the voices of the 99% to change politics and policies forever. A Voters Revolution will make all our voices heard:

  • The voices demanding an end to the pollution of our air, land and water
  • The voices saying American law enforcement is not a military function
  • The voices crying out that American values of justice and equality mean that discrimination is un-American
  • The voices calling out that the working 99% deserve a living wage
  • The voices insisting that corporate and hedge fund profits are obscene when 45 million Americans live in poverty and 48 million are hungry
  • The voices shouting out “If we don't stand up for diplomacy, our children and grandchildren will be marching away to the drumbeats of war”
  • And the voices saying with sorrow that our federal government is broken – every department and nearly every agency is out of touch with what We the People want from our government Of the People.

The time for the Voters Revolution is now because every federal department is broken and wasteful. There is a tipping point for these agencies and some failures mean our American democracy and way of life may be lost.

Is it really that bad? Here’s my list of the Top 10 Broken Federal Departments:

  1. The U. S. Department of Education has failed this nation for decades.  Globally, we rank #30 in math, #22 in science and #20 in reading. Why can’t we re-direct the department’s $70 billion budget and the $40 billion earned as interest on student loans to provide free college tuition for all, free pre-kindergarten education for all and directly upgrade the resources of every school in America?
  2. The Department of Veteran’s Affairs has failed our veterans going back to the Civil War – now those failures are just plain disgusting as 22 veterans commit suicide every day The VA structure and practices were designed in the 1860s and urgently need a 21st century update.
  3. The U. S. Forest Service is clear cutting forests while talking environmental sustainability – a sure sign of a confused core mission.
  4. The Environmental Protection Agency has plans to reduce pollution that do not go far enough or fast enough. And the agency acts as if dense regulations, mountains of paperwork, an insane permitting process and an ever-growing bureaucracy are the answers to our environmental challenges.
  5. Our homeless population of nearly 800,0000 every night, the 4 million Americans who lost their houses during the mortgage crisis and the 5 million households behind on their mortgage payments today – all point to the failures of the U. S. Department of Housing and Urban Development.
  6. The Department of Justice does not take seriously and does not take to national scale the proven programs and best practices all over this country demonstrating we can turn around the lives of people caught up in the criminal justice system, especially youthful and nonviolent offenders. The department is still skimming the surface of injustice and discrimination in our alleged justice system. The corrupting influence of big money is evidenced by departmental support for private prisons while crime is going down in so many of our cities. Some are the safest they have been in 50 years – not all because not all are paying attention to what works – but many. As crime goes down, our state prisons are getting smaller. So why do we need private prisons driven by profits and not rehabilitation?
  7. For the U. S. Department of Transportation, I have one question – where are all the infrastructure jobs?
  8. Along with concerns about the U. S. Department of Energy’s bias against renewable energy, I ask this – how do you justify spending $20 billion on nuclear weapons?
  9. As for the U. S. Department of Agriculture, I put aside for the moment the department’s complete failure to deal with hunger in America, a school lunch program that has contributed to childhood obesity for decades, 45 million cases of food poisoning a year and billions of dollars in farm subsidies that go to the wealthiest of agriculture’s biggest corporations. I only ask this. Recently you called for bids to supply your agriculture field agents with sub-machine guns! My questions are: who are you and what have you done to our democracy?
  10. No list of money and mission run amok would be complete without the U. S. Department of Defense and its baseline budget of $535 billion plus $51 billion for overseas operations plus that $20 billion for nuclear weapons barely hidden in the Department of Energy budget plus the anti-terrorism budgets in many other agencies. The Pentagon has a confused mission that wants to be everything everywhere, an inability to learn from the failures of never-ending warfare and proof positive of the corrupting influence of big money. I believe we need to be the world’s most powerful military – I believe we need to be strong to build peace. I ask the Pentagon to lead the way as we rebuild trust in our government. I join the chorus of voices demanding a clean financial audit of the Pentagon – where are the weapons, ammunition, vehicles, supplies and the people we pay for and how can you stop losing and leaving them everywhere you go? And please, go outside that rigid beltway around Washington D.C. and listen to the 99% who say stop dropping bombs – it’s not the only strategy to deal with a complex world – and stop fighting wars we do not have to fight.

Our government is broken. Nearly every agency is out of touch with what the American people want; every department has failed to deliver what the American people need; and no one is really held accountable for anything.

This has all happened for 3 reasons:

  1. The 2-party system of Democrats fighting Republicans has moved beyond gridlock to vicious, vindictive and just plain dangerous. With Democrats, Republicans and secret groups of the ultra-wealthy planning to spend $5 billion on the 2016 election cycle, no matter who is in the White House, big money is the big winner and democracy is the big loser.
  2. The corrupting influence of Big Money is out of control. In his 1961 farewell address, President Dwight D. Eisenhower warned us of the dangers of the military-industrial complex. For Eisenhower, the threat was both economic and spiritual. Our defense budget is now twice what it was when Ike left office. The damage to our democracy along with the corrupting influence of defense companies, arms dealers and private military contractors is nearly complete.
  3. There is now so little trust in government that people – especially young people – have become cynical and disengaged. The 99% is largely quiet and greatly ignored.

The only logical response is a Voters Revolution! I call for the 99% to join together under the banner: “Fix our broken government, build peace here at home and around the world.” I ask you to register independent, vote independent and run independent. Yes, run for office – get on those boards and commissions, the town and city and county councils, run for state legislature and federal office. I know you’ve been thinking you could do a better and fairer job – yes you can. Run for office.

And support my candidacy. I ask for your vote because I know how to fix our broken government and build peace both here at home and around the world. I am not the only one with this skill set; I am the one with that skill set and with my hat in the ring. I am Lynn Sandra Kahn and I am the 2016 independent candidate for President of the United States. God Bless America!

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